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  • Emma Allen-Vercoe
    Speaker for the MIcrobes She's a Microbial Ecologist with a Robogut. You're home to trillions of bacteria. Have we killed all the goods ones?

    Home is where the microbes are, especially if you’re talking about the human digestive system. With 10 times more non-human cells than human ones, each person is literally more microbial than they thought  - up to three pounds worth!  Emma Allen-Vercoe, a microbial ecologist, wants you to nurture these trillions of tiny residents in your gut because, as science is just discovering, they are vital to human health.

    Emma, an Associate Professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Guelph  and member of the worldwide Human Microbiome Project, has built the Robogut  that provides a window on the microecology of the human digestive system.  This artificial gut does exactly what we do… uhhh… naturally, and Emma examines the very stinky process in order to learn how we can be the best microbial managers possible and even enhance their vital functions.  Human health and future medical strategies may depend on it.  Let Emma (and her trillions of industrious microbes) transport you to the fascinating microbial world that calls your gut home “not-so-sweet” home.

    For more on Emma, visit http://www.uoguelph.ca/mcb/people/faculty/faculty_allen-vercoe.shtml

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