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    Performance This star acrobat ran AWAY from the circus. From the stage of "Canada's Got Talent" to ours, Aygul will amaze you.

    Aygul Memet does things differently. She ran away from the circus. Aygul, a star acrobat with the Chinese circus, left her native Uyghur in 2005 leaving her family behind so she could establish a new life for them in Canada. Here, she began the difficult task of starting over. Now reunited with her family and continuing to perform her awe-inspiring acts, she shares her art with enraptured audiences.

    Schooled in the rigorous acrobatic circus disciplines from early childhood she has showcased her skills throughout Asia, Europe, and North America, winning a number of awards along the way. Now working with Toronto’s Zero Gravity Circus she was a featured performer on Canada’s Got Talent, where she was the only circus arts performer to reach the finals.


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