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    The Cyberanthropology of Infidelity He runs a website for married people looking for nooky. He has 17 million insights into relationships.

    Is Noel a home-wrecker or a prophet of modern relationships? Through his work as the successful CEO of the very profitable AshleyMadison.com, a dating service for married people looking to have affairs, Noel has become an acknowledged aficionado of adultery. His best-selling book, Cheaters Prosper: How Infidelity Will Save The Modern Marriage, gives compelling insight into the pitfalls of monogamy and the motivations behind infidelity. Are his 17 million cuckolding customers complete cads or are they doing what they need to keep themselves in emotional relationships?

    Prior to entering the world of aspiring adulterers, Noel Biderman worked as a sports attorney with one of Europe and North America’s largest sports management firms.  In an interview with Businessweek, he said much of his work as an agent involved helping professional basketball players juggle their wives and mistresses. Noel is married, with two children.

    For more on Noel, http://www.noelbiderman.com/

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