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  • Miles Corak
    Should Children be Given the Vote? A Canadian economist with an interesting twist: How to give children the vote.

    A professor of economics at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa, Miles’ research focuses on child poverty, intergenerational earnings and education mobility, and unemployment – all issues that impact what goes on in the homes of many Canadians. His views on social policy, labour markets and family policy concern the well-being of children and how they can become all that they can be, including what rights do children have and what rights should they have?

    A sought-after expert in the field, Miles’ work is frequently cited in the world’s major media including The Globe and Mail, the New York Times, CNN, The Economist, Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek and The Guardian. It has also been used by governments and public policy think tanks to inform the conduct of policy, mostly recently by the White House in its 2012 Economic Report of the President.

    For more on Miles, visit  http://milescorak.com/

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