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  • Holly Painter
    Chasing Home (Spoken Word) A young spoken word artist with something to say.

    Working 10 years at various serving jobs forced her to bite her tongue more often than not. These days, Holly Painter doesn’t hold much back anymore, especially not with a microphone in hand. As a rising star in the slam poetry community, Holly is chasing (and catching) the attention of a far wider audience.

    First slamming in June 2011, Holly is now Director of the London Poetry Slam and was named Grand Slam champion for the 2011-2012 season. She represented London at the 2012 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam in Vancouver l and the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Saskatoon. She’s performed  at Ladyfest and Nuit Blanche (London), Culture Factory (Chatham), and Youth in Unison (Guelph), as well as doing feature performances at several slams across Ontario.

    Follow her on Twitter  @Hey_MissP  and Facebook 

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