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  • Andrea Spaziani
    Finding Home (Dance) A choreographer and performer who is compelled to transform the ordinary to trigger something...else.

    Andrea Spaziani is at home on the stage. This Toronto-based choreographer and performer is compelled to transform the ordinary, believing in the potential for a performance to transmit unpredictable experiences. Her goal is to trigger something to happen just outside of the confines of language.

    As a performer, Andrea has worked with some of Canada’s most celebrated artists including David Earle, Susie Burpee, Heidi Strauss, Valerie Calam, D.A. Hoskins and Meagan O’Shea. Recent collaborations have been with Amanda Acorn of Toronto’s Dancemakers, Alias Dance Project, Berlin-based artist Alicia Grant, filmmaker Melissa Dozois, and with music artists Christopher Willes and Juno nominee Peter Katz. She has choreographed for music videos directed by Juno recipient Christopher Mills, and performed live with Juno recipient Kellylee Evans at the CBC’s Glenn Gould Studio. With support from the Canada Council for the Arts, she attended the 2012 Impuls Tanz Festival in Vienna, Austria where she collaborated and performed in The Beach.

    For more on Andrea, visit http://andreaspaziani.com/

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