TEDxWaterloo on hiatus for 2014

Some of the 80 volunteers that made TEDxWaterloo 2013 happen.

As TEDxWaterloo is planning a hiatus in 2014 to re-imagine, re-invent and re-amaze our community, we are not seeking volunteers at this time. Please return to this website occasionally for updates.

We have amazing volunteers. 

Thank you to the active TEDxWaterloo 2013 Volunteers: 

Partnerships Candice Faul, Kyle Feuch, Martin Kihle, Mike Shanks

Audience Experience Anita Giardina, Christian Mijatovic, Christine Hyde, Elena Tsimakouridze, Erica Waugh, Joanna Woo, Kirk Zurrell, Ryan Tremblay,  Stanley Khaing, Valerie Beyer

Technical Production Alain Gaudrault, Cedric Puddy,  Geoff May, Peter VanderMeer, Scott Weber, Steve Prentice, Dan McGinnis, Terry McGuire, Janelle Navarro, Victor Cheung ,

Marketing Communications  & Web Amanda St. Marie, Amy Foster,  Anna Beard, Christine Reid, Darryl Kraemer, Hayden Tay,  Jasmine Mangalaseril,  Jenny Lu,  Jessica Flanagan, Joel Mieske,  John Vu,  Julie Norcott,  Justin Frenette,  Kayleigh Klajnscek,  Kelly Baker, Laura Nicholson, Lily Lo, Lisa Morris, Melissa Lukezic, Naman Kumar, Niki VandenBerg , Peter West,  Samantha Clark,  Sarah Sturtevant,  Scott Williams,  Taylor Watson

Stage Production Bob Williams, Dominc Wale, Jon Buysse,  Naomi Wale

Speaker Logistics Fahima Anwar, Emily Lucke

Day of Volunteers

Ahdia Anwar, Aisha Durrani, Allison Tscherner, Amede Lamarche, Angela Mastroianni, Ann-Marie Kong, Beatriz Millon, Bethel Poon, Chris Morrison, Christine Wach, Cohl Johnston, Colleen Mechler, Dayna Wingfield, Emilie Mechler, Farheen Hassan, George Saenz, Gerald Valdez, Harshal Jethwa, Hayley Press, Jaclyn Wingfield, Jane Begy,  Johnathan Barrick, Joyce Le,  Kamadchi Karunanandan, Katherine Bourget, Laura Brick, Lisa Brackenridge, Lisy Rui, Lucan McRandall, Maddison Funnell, Madeleine Lucke, Mary Chevreau, Maryam Haseeb, Meaghan Mechler, Monem Raza, Monika Mistry, Mujtaba Arshad, Nick Giardina, Nohelia Millon, Olusola Abolade, Peivand Sadat Mousavi, Rachel Gordon, Rachel Huan, Ramzi Samara, Rika Hara, Sean Begy, Stephanie Bruin and Toby Root

TEDxYouth@Waterloo Volunteers

Speaker Curation: Kayleigh Platz

Education & Youth Outreach: Amy Cruickshank, Andrew Bieronski, Andrew Macallum, Angel Hammoud, Christy Wood, Lucas Rowe, Marisa Duncan, Madhuran Thiagarajah, Muneeb Ahmed, Natalie Brown-Kivell,

Audience Experience: Alan Kerr-Wilson, Angie Baek, Bharathwaj Raghunatahan, Elizabeth Wong, Gloria Eid, Heather Kendall, Heather MacNeill, Jazmine Tong, Lisy Ruiz, Siddharth Subramanian, Victoria Lehmann

Marketing and Communications: Alicia Bedard, April Kingsley, Hala Anwar, Jessica Krasin, Lily Viggiano, Sam Baek

Tech Production: Alan Waugh, Austin de Vos, Brad Marshall, Christian Lemke, Colin White, Dan Petker, David Sirega, Erica Adam, Grace Rosien, James Ingram-Smith, Joseph Chen

Stage Production: Carmen Liang, Joan Ang, Meaghan Kehoe, Suraj Srinivas, Virginia Vrentzos

Julie Norcott, Laura Nicholson, Melissa Lukezic,

Volunteer coordinator: Kristin Fox

Day of volunteers:
 Adam Khan, Apurva Gurjar, Brian Zhang, Calvin Witzell, Celeste Witzell, Chirag Gada, Daryl Tiong, Dianne Boston-Nyp, Emily Nutbrown, Heike Mertins, Kalob Witzell, Laurel Poon, Meghan Wahab, Nadeen Qalam, Paul Veldman, Popy Dimoulas-Graham, Sam Webster, Samantha Golding, Tyler Lafave, Zoey Lennox

Curious about Volunteers Organizers and Day of Volunteers Do?

For 2012-2013 TEDxWaterloo and TEDxYouth@Waterloo we asked our Team Leads to provide a general outline of the volunteer positions available on their team. While we are at full capacity now, consider these roles for  the 2014 TEDxWaterloo event.

Audience Experience

Main Responsibility: help to ensure the event goes as smoothly as possible for the audience.

What we do: audience check-in attendants; audience flow facilitators; food and beverage service coordinators; audience experiences specialists (vendor and technical coordinators for experiences outside the live theater); personal assistants, and audience concierges.

Who we’re looking for: creative thinkers, strong problem solvers; effective and responsive communicators; organized people who are passionate about details. Basically, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done!

Team Lead:  Christine Hamon


Main Responsibility: communications folks (gurus welcome) who handle ongoing and event marketing, publicity and social media.

What we do: social media ambassadors and roving event team (led by Hayden Tay and Jenny Lu); PR and Media Relations (led by Jasmine Mangalaseril); photographers; university & high school liaisons; blog (for TEDxWaterloo.com); poster putter-uppers.

Who we’re looking for: social media savvy Tweeters, bloggers and Facebook updaters; photographers (professional or semi-professional) to capture events (Creative Commons License); strong writers, editors and proofreaders; quick thinkers; friendly outgoing people to work the media relations table and assist the media get the stories and photos they need.

Team Lead: Angela Pause


Production (Stage Set & Physical Elements Team)

Main Responsibility: create all the physical on-stage components for events.

What we do: painters (house and/or artistic), carpenters, stage/tradeshow electricians, and theatre techs to produce drops, props and other physical elements.

Who we’re looking for: people experienced in tradeshow or theatre production, theater techs with union experience, people interested in learning how to make physical stage elements; hard workers with a great sense of humour. Union experience is an asset, but not required.

Team Lead: Marian Marshall


Production (Technical Elements Team):

Main Responsibility: technical wizards who make everything onstage, on the big screen and on our live feed come together flawlessly.

What we do: organize and control live PowerPoint presentations; develop visuals; coordinate LiveStream feeds for external parties; incorporate music/performances; liaise with the Centre in the Square, external video recording and external post-production editing teams.

Who we’re looking for: quick-thinkers; people who can respond quickly to technical/non-technical problems during the event. A strong technical/programming background is recommended for volunteers working with live presentations.

Team Lead: Ronak Patel



Main Responsibility: work with community organizations, companies and brands to built financial and in-kind support for TEDxWaterloo.

What we do: seek out partnership & sponsorship opportunities; ensure that all partners are well recognized before, during and after the event; come up with new and unique ways to deliver value to all of our partners; provide regular communication with all partners & stakeholders.

Who we’re looking for: passionate and well-connected individuals who are interested in building new relationships and fostering existing ones. Prior experience in sponsorship or fundraising is very welcome but not required.

Team Lead: Ramy Nassar,



Main Responsibility: organizing this brand new youth-focused initiative from “the ground up”.

What we do: take ownership of, help run and manage all aspects of TEDxYouth@Waterloo: food and catering; stage production; Livestream events; social media; marketing and communication; speaker nominations; audience experience; brand ambassadors (all in collaboration with the respective TEDxWaterloo Teams (Production, Marketing, etc.)).

Who we are looking for: passionate brand ambassadors to help rev up the excitement among high school students, teachers, parents and youth advocates; go-getters; organized people who can get things done; team players; leaders: We are creating something amazing and we need amazing people. Or people who think they have some amazing in them. (We all do!)  There are opportunities in marketing, audience experience, stage production and more!

Team Lead: Renjie Butalid